December 15, 2019
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Why Choose PAPERplusŪ Systems?



- Storopack offers the largest selection of in-the-box paper packaging products and machines in the industry


- All PAPERplusŪ machines use unique Storopack crimping techniques to create in-the-box packaging materials that better       volume yield from your paper supplies and offer the most effective protection


- Reliable, easy-to-operate equipment with efficiencies like programmable keypads and hands-free foot pedal operation

  control material usage and increase throughput


- Multiple machine configurations and customization ability makes PAPERplusŪ easy to integrate into any packing



- Customize a work station from one of the PAPERplusŪ Classic tabletop models by adding convenient components and

  incorporating other in-the-box packaging systems such as AIRplusŪ


- Produced on-demand saving storage and inventory costs


- PAPERplusŪ in-the-box packaging materials are made from recycled and virgin paper, are durable enough to be reused many

  times and are accepted in recyling programs that take newspaper and cardboard


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