May 31, 2020
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Why Choose AIRplusŪ Systems?



- Triple-layer co-extruded films provide superior protection with increased elasticity and reduced air leakage


- Zero Waste Technology (ZWT) film manufacturing reintroduces 100% of reclaimed material back into the process supporting

  sustainability and source reduction efforts


- #2 curbside recycleable air bags and cushion film allay environmental concerns


- Light weight reduces shipping cost


- Creates in-the-box packaging on-demand minimizing inventory and storage expense


- Compact, portable machines integrate easily into any packaging area


- Easy-to-operate AIRplusŪ machines are fast and reliably built


- A single AIRplusŪ machine can deliver packing materials to multiple work stations with the AIRplusŪ IDS

  (Integrated Delivery System) to lower operational costs


- Adjustable inflation control delivers the right amount of cushion for your specific packaging requirements


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