May 31, 2020
3:22:35 AM

AIRplus Machines








AIRplus® machines from Storopack are easily tailored to individual requirements,


providing the perfect solution that integrates effortlessly into any packaging line.


Fast, compact, and portable, AIRplus® machines are reliable and extremely easy


to operate. Their small footprint and large production capacities ensure that they


fit easily into any packaging environment‚ regardless of volumes.


- Portable, small footprint


- Run any size AIRplus® Square Bag on any AIRplus® machine


- Completely programmable for speed and air fill


- Easy to load and operate


- Stand or tabletop operation


- Among the most reliably built air machines in the industry


- Integrates easily into single or multiple packing stations


- Multiple accessories and options for even more efficiencies





AIRplus® Excel is a hard-working machine


with versatile features. Easily integrated


almost anywhere in your packing environment,


Excel can be placed on a tabletop or used on a


               stand that will hold up to three rolls of film for non-stop production.



Footprint: 18"W x 15"D x 22"H
Speed: 45 fpm
Pillows/Min.:                          (±) 135 - 4" pillows
(regardless of width)           (±) 65 - 8" pillows
                                                 (±) 45 - 12" pillows
Power Supply: 120 volt - 2 amps
Air Supply: Ambient 







When space is at a premium the AIRplus® Mini


fits right in. Small, yet highly productive the


AIRplus® Mini is placed on a tabletop with or


without the small stand for on-demand production


                                         —saving you valuable storage and handling space.


Footprint: 19"W x 19"D x 16"H
Speed: 20 fpm
Pillows/Min.:                    60 - 4" pillows
(regardless of width)      40 - 6" pillows
                                           20 - 12" pillows
Power Supply: 120 volt - 2 amps
Air Supply: Ambient





AIRplus® GTI


AIRplus® GTI is hi-tech simplicity at its best.


Offering convenient features combined with


a processing speed of up to 75 fpm, AIRplus® GTI


is a reliable machine that will deliver outstanding


production and cost benefits to any packing environment. 


GTI VS: 20.5" W x 13.5" H x 15.75" D
GTI VL: 20.5" W x 21.5" H x 15.75" D
Weight: 33 lb.
Speed: 75 fpm
Power: 120 V
Air Supply: Ambient




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